The Dubai Museum

Located in the most ancient building of the city, the Al Fahidy Fortress, usual in 1787, the Dubai Museum is perhaps one of the most notable in the city. The fortress served as the habitat of the superintendent of the city as quickly during many periods of archives. Today, the museum takes visitors coming from various places harshly the world to spend their holidays in Dubai to a journey to watch the chronicles of Islamic schools and a alive confrontation of the customary crafts of the country
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The museum opens from 8:30 in the hours of daylight until 8:30 in the evening (Saturday to Thursday)

Friday from 2 at noon until 8:30 in the evening.

The Camels’ House

This museum is dedicated to the significant role camels played in the lives of Arabs throughout records. The Camel’s House consists mainly of a broad-entrance courtyard that was used as a stable for camels. The museum now has many sections illustrating this mighty description along with humans and camels especially in the Arabian Peninsula. A large number of tourists who travel to Dubai adulation to question such museums.

The Museum opens from 8 in the hours of daylight until 2 at noon from Sunday to Thursday.

The Coffee Museum

This museum is dedicated to coffee lovers coming from all on pinnacle of the globe to enjoy a trip in Dubai. It illustrates the chronicles of coffee and the vary approaches of its production. The Coffee Museum shows the specific and dissimilar tools used to fabricate coffee. Off course, after their tour of the museum, guests can enjoy the best coffee in the world in the cafe of the museum.

The museum opens from 9 in the hours of daylight until 5 in the afternoon (Saturday to Thursday)

The Heritage Village

This marvelous museum hosts several usual Arabian craftsmen including weavers, potters, and tent makers. The Heritage Village focuses roughly the people who used to rouse in Dubai and be lithe in or on the sea. This includes sailors who used to search for fish and pearls as the museums interestingly shows diagraphs that demonstrates the production of pearls in the country. There is in addition to the Tents’ Village that tells every one of tab of the Bedouin moving picture in the region. The Heritage Museum is quite popular along amid tourists who spend their holidays in Dubai.

The Museum opens from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening all day except Friday.

The Museum of Traditional Architecture

One of the most charming museums that stated many tourists who travel to Dubai is the Museum of Traditional Architecture. Located in the former dwelling of El Sheikh Gomaa Ibn El Maktoom, the museum illustrates the chronicles of the architecture in Dubai, the means of construction, and the tools used in the building of period-fortunate houses in Dubai. The museum as adeptly hosts a section dedicated to the history and the people of Dubai.